Speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful

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Speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful casino in osceola iowa In this article we will look at the hidden ways speculatiin which gambling creeps into trading practices, as well as the stimulus that may drive an individual to trade and possibly gamble in the first place. He must be in control of his life.

Applying Newton's Fourth Law. Bank secrecy act internet gambling, July 25, Buffett on Gambling and Speculation. And I said there are legitimate uses for hedging out the long positions and so on.

But I said, overwhelmingly, it's going to become a gambling vehicle. And I would distinguish between speculative and gambling. Gambling involves, in my view, the creation of a risk where no risk need be created.

Now, obviously, if you plant a crop in the spring and you're going to harvest in the fall, you are speculating on what prices are going to be in the fall for your corn or oats or whatever it may be. And you may lay that off on some other speculator.

But that's a risk that the system has to take. You can't grow it in one day. But when you start wagering on — well, on stock index futures, I think that gambling instincts are hamrful strong in humans. It's worth noting that, with all participants considered, investing need not be a zero-sum game.

In contrast, the very nature of gambling can be no better than zero-sum while speculation, in aggregate, adds nothing but incremental and often unnecessary frictional costs. Well, it seems the latter two things are now swamping the former in the current market environment. As a result, the gamblingg in its current form is less capable of performing its essential functions.

In fact, market prices are frequently nonsensical. Financial markets have been and will likely always be rather programme tournoi poker casino gruissan and depressive in nature. It's hardly a new problem.

Mood swings in markets will, almost certainly, continue to produce substantially mispriced marketable securities from time to time. In one year, the high will double the low. These businesses speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful no more volatile than a farm or an apartment block [whose values do speclation swing so wildly].

In any case, they're certainly not always the coldly calculated types some seem to imagine. I just think modern financial markets have developed in a way that, if anything, unnecessarily amplifies this nature. The holding period for stocks is at speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful all-time low for the first time measured in just a few hatmful after being measured in multiple years for most of the past century.

So there are more short-term oriented participants than gamling, fewer owners. We benefit from a system that as often as possible produces market prices approximating the discounted value of what assets can produce over its given life. To me, that begins with having more market participants grounded first and foremost by the intrinsic value of underlying assets and fewer making short-term bets.

There's certainly nothing inherently wrong with speculation in fact, having a certain amount of short-term oriented participation is vital but, as in pretty much any healthy system, proportion iz. There will always be certain assets where it's challenging to estimate value.

For example, new business startups in highly dynamic industries. Those sorts of assets will naturally have a whole range of possible values. Well, there will inevitably be speculative bets on who the winners and losers are likely going to be and it's hard to see why or how it would be desirable to reign that sort of thing in. Yet, the mispricing of assets for extended periods of time leads to the misallocation of capital and other resources.

Ultimately, that likely throttles potential wealth creation. It sure seem that modifying incentives and some other wise desiragle to encourage more long-term investing and less speculation and especially pure gambling makes sense. Maybe there'd be fewer and less extreme mispricing in the capital markets. That would be a good thing from an overall system perspective even if it makes life more difficult for individual investors who attempt to profit from mispriced marketable securities.

Something both Warren Buffett and John Bogle have called for formally in recent years. Gambling, even when frictional costs are ignored, is no better than a zero-sum game. Speculation isn't, at least in aggregate, much the same. Investment need not be. Your mistaken professors were too much influenced by 'rational man' models of human behavior from economics and too comic standing mystic lake casino by 'foolish man' models from psychology and real-world experience.

Gambling is also less than zero-sum whenever frictional costs exist. Instead, it is for generalized informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. Visitors should always do their own research and consult, as needed, with a financial adviser speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful familiar with the individual circumstances before making any investment decisions.

Posted by Adam at BuffettGranthamMunger. Newer Post Older Post Home. Origin of Newton's 4th Law? But Sir Isaac's talents didn't extend to investing: He lost a bundle in the South Sea Bubble, explaining later, 'I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men. For investors as a whole, returns decrease as motion increases. Find good businesses; buy at a nice discount desirble value; stay within limits; stick to what's understandable; minimize trading, frictional costs, and errors of all kinds.

Subscribe in a reader. An Overheated Ubt in a Temp A Morning With Charlie Munger About The Site This site is for generalized informational purposes only and the v iews found here should never be considered specific investment advice. V isitors should always do their own homework and consult, as needed, with a personal financial adviser who understands their specific individual circumstances before taking action on any particular investing idea.

W hat makes sense as an investment in one set of individual circumstances may not in another. Opinions found on the blog are just that, opinions, could easily be wrong in all kinds of ways, and should never be considered advice that is specific in nature. Stocks and other investment vehicles are inherently filled with risks including the possibility, or even likelihood, of permanent loss of capital.

Past performance, of course, should not be considered indicative of future results. Due diligence is necessary. The content found here shall not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any security or to participate in any particular investment strategy. Again, that necessarily comes down to individual circumstances. So, in other words, there is no personal financial adviser here, just some opinions and views. All posts are simply presented as one view on investing and some related topics though never specific recommendations.

An investor should always get help from an investment professional if they feel they need it and, most importantly, before mistakes are made. Ultimately, the actions of individual investors, whether they happen to be a visitor to this site or not, are their own responsibility and, if applicable, desirab,e are the associated losses.

While there will always be a very real risk of permanent capital loss in investing, those who know their own limits and ask for professional advice when harmfuk require it can improve their chances substantially. Investors should never buy or sell a deairable based upon what they've read on any blog. Information on this site is believed to speculation is desirable but gambling is harmful accurate yet may include errors or omissions and is not guaranteed.

The site is also never a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities. Posts on this blog do not offer opinions on the future price action of specific stocks or the desirxble markets as a whole. Instead, the focus is sound investing principles but never predictions or recommendations. It's bt productive assets and their likely intrinsic value; how they may or may not compound in intrinsic worth spculation a long time horizon.

It's about investing with a comfortable margin of safety. It's NOT about speculating on price action. In the near-term, or even longer, the market price of an asset can do just about anything. A temperamental market pretty much assures it. Those with a long investing horizon, it's worth noting, actually benefit from lower stock prices in the near-term though not many market participants seem willing to put this truism to effective use.

Those who attempt to profit primarily via speculating on short-term price action likely won't find this way of thinking to be of much interest. This site does not provide individual investment advice of any kind and the blog posts found here are never a recommendation dwsirable buy or sell anything. Visitors should start with the assumption that the ideas found here are not good ones and do their own homework or get individualized help from an investment professional before taking ANY action.

Otherwise, hopefully some occasionally find the site worthwhile. Put simply, it's on finding and buying -- with the long-term in mind -- good businesses at a plain discount to conservatively estimated value; it's on selling shares of those well-bought high quality business reluctantly. The view here is that selling desiraboe sense only when core economics become permanently impaired, prospects have been misjudged, market price not just somewhat but, instead, meaningfully exceed per share intrinsic value, or viejas casino in san diego costs are high.

It's easy to overemphasize the former and forget the latter. The focus here is on minimizing trading, frictional costs, and errors of all kinds; it's on staying comfortably within realistically assessed limits. First and foremost is the view that an investor should never make a specific investment based upon what someone else thinks. In other words, what makes sense to own is necessarily unique for each investor and it'd be unwise to not act accordingly.

So, more generally, this site simply attempts to better understand some useful principles and ideas in context of investment. It's about, in a practical sense, what tends to work over the long haul as well as what, at times, gets the investor into trouble.

It's not about grand theories in finance and economics. These too often distract from what matters or, worse yet, lead to costly misjudgments. As a result, they are mostly viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism here. Otherwise, the best thinking across disciplines should be learned well then put to good use in a way that's uniquely suitable. About View my complete profile.

Notable Quote "Warren and I have not made our way in life by making successful macroeconomic predictions and betting on our conclusions.

life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it, and when he can.” Here is how some think: Since the Roman soldiers were bad guys and they I would argue that this was not gambling but the “casting of lots” to determine .. NIV - There is desirable treasure and olive oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a. The pernicious effects of speculation, both on the individuals engaged in it and there is but little difference between a speculator and the gambler who is led on to raise silk, and thinks it desirable to have say one thousand mulberry trees. Investing, gambling, and speculation may seem similar but only if they to see why or how it would be desirable to reign that sort of thing in.

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