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Posted Oct 8, Perched atop a rocky mountain above the town of Cassino, Montecassino is a beautiful monastery, famous as being the World War II battle site of Monte Cassino. The abbey has been badly damaged and restored several times throughout its history, including most recently in a major battle in Following World War II it was rebuilt based on the original plans.

Montecassino is one of the top places to visit italy monte casino Rome and Naples. Relics of italy monte casino saints are displayed in the Chapel of Relics. A pair of 11th century bronze doors made in Constantinople are at one of the doorways of the basilica. Beautiful mosaics, frescoes, and marble decorate the inside of the ornate church that dates from the 17th century. A tomb of Pietro di Medici by Antonio di Sangallo is one of the top art works housed in the church.

Also of interest is the carved choir behind the high altar. Under the church is the 16th century cryptrichly decorated with mosaics, with the tomb of Saints Benedict and Scholastica. Visitors pass through a medieval casino bonuses blackjack allowed with an ancient Roman well on the way to the Montecassino Abbey Museum.

Items in the museum date as far back as the 6th century BC and going up through the 20th century. On display are pieces of the old abbey, artifacts found during the excavations near the monastery, ancient manuscripts, prints, religious vestments, and medieval paintings. In the outside areas are gardens and cloistersone of which is believed by some people to have been designed by Bramante called the Bramante cloisterand a bronze statue of Saint Benedict. You may see monks strolling around the grounds.

Overlooking the valley is the Loggia of Paradise with amazing views. The monastery is open every day with hours varying by season see web site below. Currently it opens at 8: In winter the museum is only open on Sundays. See location on our Lazio Map and Guide. Getting to the Abbey: The easiest way to reach Montecassino is by car, taking the Cassino exit off the A1 autostrada. If you take the train to the Cassino station, there are usually 3 buses a day to Montecassino or you can take a taxi.

Montecassino is on the Way of Saint Benedicta route that runs between Montecassino in the south and Norcia, in the Umbria region. Currently the only charges are for the museum and for parking but donations to the monastery are appreciated. Where to Stay Nearby: Compare prices of Hotels in Cassino. Museums, Monuments, and Battlegrounds. Guided tours can be booked through the web site above.

The church is closed to visitors during mass although it is possible to attend masses, some of which include Gregorian chants. Toggle navigation Martha's Italy. Abbazia di Montecassino Where to Stay Nearby: Compare prices of Hotels in Cassino Recommended Reading:

The world's most glorious monastery, at Monte Cassino in Italy, was destroyed during the second world war because of a mistake by a British. Take a tour of Montecassino Abbey in Cassino, Italy - part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video. This multi-faceted battle marked one of the longest and bloodiest engagements of the Italian campaign during World War II. After attempts to overcome the.

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